November 08th, 2018

Enter the World of Virtual Production with Epic Games

Did you know that the world of virtual production is here? Using Epic GamesUnreal Engine real-time pipeline we are set to take advantage of everything that CG can give us and extend it to markets such as filmmaking, animation or even design and visualisation. You see, what it does is, it allows the production work to be performed in parallel as much as possible, making this unified pipeline a tool in which production time is minimised and the expression of creativity skyrockets!  You can now create digital content and make it interact with live-action sets or even take actors and put them in a virtual environment, throwing a realm of possibilities out there! After all, the filmmakers are bound to run out of physical places to shoot at and this innovation makes generating more original content a piece of cake.

To speak on this subject on Cinematics in Unreal Engine 4 is Epic Games’ very own David Hibbits. We will welcome him on stage at CGA2018 where he will explain the technical aspects needed in order to operate within this real-time game engine. To preparing your scene assembly for use with Sequencer or making sure that your world organisation is established with the right levels and sublevels, the presentation is to shed light on a massive industry breakthrough that is Unreal Engine’s real-time pipeline. 

Be sure to check out more about Ben Lumsden’s presentation on Real-Time Production with Unreal Engine at the conference to give you a detailed insight into how the world of film, television and interactive storytelling is to be transformed.

Enter the world of virtual production and be at Kinoteka on time because Unreal Engine is making an earthquake in the industry making the things rendered impossible happen. 


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