October 15th, 2022

Here’s How Remodeling the Future Actually Looks Like

It was a pleasure to see the curious crowd at this year's event. Here's the gallery.

CGA Belgrade 2022 was our first major event after three years of (mostly) online activities, and it was interesting to see how much the industry landscape has changed during this period. Yet most importantly, it was a pleasure to see our old acquaintances side by side with some new faces forming a curious and exciting crowd at this year’s conference.

For the success of this year’s event we owe tremendous gratitude to the members of our extended team, our tech support, hosts, volunteers, the Lab crew,and our magnificent speakers for sharing the knowledge and passion with our network.

Following are 22 images by Milena Arsenić and Milovan Ilić, our photo duo. Most of the photos were taken at the 2022 live event, while some captured the mood during production of our unique online experience with Atomic Visual Support.


click for the full gallery

click for the full gallery


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