October 30th, 2017

Intensive 5-day Houdini Training and Exclusive Master Class in Belgrade

From November 13th to 17th, Andrew Lowell, a lecturer of Vancouver VFX School Lost Boys Studios,  in order to help Serbian VFX scene grow their skills, will introduce them with creation of dynamic effects and simulations for movies and games.

Andrew will lead them through a variety of aspects, protocols, workflows and real time examples, He will reveal how to make realistic simulations starting with rigid bodies, smoke, fluids to the fire and sparks. This VFX area and the knowledge of Houdini can open up new opportunities, whether for an individual or a company.

Intensive training course in Houdini for FX artist is a first in a row of upcoming activities to announce CGA Belgrade conference.Anotherone is Aandrew’s masterclass Fundamentals of FX in Production hosted on November 11th at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. As Lead Instructor of FX TD Program in The Lost Boys Studios, Vancouver School of Visual Effects, Andrew’s master class will highlight the uniqueness of FX and its role in feature film, reference gathering of natural phenomenon, procedurals, low level software methodologies and motion through simulation.


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