November 08th, 2018

Say hello to Autodesk!

Well, Autodesk just cannot resist sticking their nose into everything. Like having developed the most powerful softwares for a variety of industries isn’t enough. They just had to make an appearance at CGA2018 as well! 

On stage at Kinoteka this year, we will welcome four speakers from Autodesk to talk to you about what’s new and how you can utilise the said softwares in newer, exciting ways. 

Making an appearance on the Know It All track, Frederic Servant’s role within the conference will be Leveraging NVIDIA RTX for Arnold on GPU. Who says these kinds of previews happen only at SIGGRAPH? Either way, Arnold is going to leverage the RTX technology and accelerate ray tracing operations on the spot! 

Passing the torch light to the Know How track, Autodesk’s Technical Specialist, Roland Reyer has a thing or two to say about Maya 2018.4 and Arnold 5.2. Maya’s latest update comes with tools you haven’t yet been able to play with. There seem to be some ‘not so obvious’ features as well. Here’s a chance to hear the hidden stuff too! 

Interactive and VR presentations for Visualization with 3ds Max is Alex Horsts’ two cents on getting started with VR using 3ds Max and 3ds Max Interactive. Putting your design into virtual reality for immersive navigation? Passive or active VR? The benefits? The downsides? We’ll leave it to Alex to answer them on stage. 

When it gets down to Integrating CG Elements in Photos, Dušan Ković is an expert. He holds a few more aces up his sleeve. After all, being both a course instructor on Digital Lighting, Shading & Rendering course at Crater VFX Training Center and a LookDev artist at Autodesk certainly means picking up a few extra tricks along the way. 

Want to hear all about them? Check in. Register for the conference. Autodesk already did. It’s your turn. To find more about the when and where, click on the links throughout the announcement. 


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