Alwyn Hunt

Alwyn is a 3D Business Developer within the 3D & Immersive division of Adobe. He is also the co-founder of The Rookies, a community for non-professional artists.

For over 20 years, he worked as a character texture artist in the VFX industry including a number of major studios like Sony Imageworks, MPC, DNEG, Animal Logic, RSP and Wētā FX.

He worked on Game of Thrones, Thor: Ragnarok, Harry Potter, Watchmen, Logan, etc

Nikola Damjanov

Nikola is a 3D generalist with 15 years of versatile experience. He made baby-steps in the industry making animations and effects for music videos and movies. Eventually, he found his happy place as a Game Artist at Nordeus. Nikola invests a lot of time in exploring proceduralism, generative art bridging tech-art gaps, and making stunning interactive art installations. He collaborates with Substance, SideFX, Adobe, etc.


Miljana Jovović

Miljana graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, but her passion for creative processes naturally led her to the animation and visual effects industry. With her 10-year long experience in this field, Miljana helped establish the biggest computer graphics school in the region having 200 students enroll in the VFX and Gaming courses per year. She is the co-founder of CGA Belgrade conference with the mission of bringing the international and Serbian VFX and Gaming industries together for education and collaboration.

Scott E. Anderson

Scott E. Anderson is an Academy Award winning visual effects supervisor and filmmaker. As a leader in the creative application of digital and visual effects technologies to the film industry, he has worked across many forms and genres. He has been nominated for an Academy Award three times (Babe, Starship Troopers, Hollow Man), and received the Oscar for Babe. A longstanding member of the effects community, he was also a key contributor to the Oscar winning films The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and King Kong.
With an eye on the future of storytelling, Scott founded Digital Sandbox in 2005. Digital Sandbox is a company dedicated to the future of filmmaking, one that designs creative and technical solutions for filmmakers. Its mission is the effective application of modern cinema methodologies to films of all budgets, while focusing on creative solutions and expert guidance to support filmmakers of all kinds. This includes digital production services, camera testing, technology development, color and digital mastering, along with visual effects services.
Scott’s creative work is heavily focused on developing character and story, be it the seminal animal performances of Babe, the emotional impact of King Kong, the digital human of Kevin Bacon’s Hollow Man, or the action-loving performances in Tintin. He has recently brought both these worlds together on such films as Blumhouse’s Sweetheart, Sony Pictures’ The Shallows and the independent films Juveniles and Imprisoned.

Marcos Fajardo

Marcos is the founder of Solid Angle, where for 20 years he led the development of the Arnold renderer. Previously, he was a Software Architect at Sony Pictures Imageworks, a researcher at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies under the supervision of Dr. Paul Debevec, and consulted at several CG studios around the world. In 2017 Marcos received a sci-tech Oscar for his work on Arnold. More recently, he co-produced the Netflix film “Despido Procedente” and the short film “La Noria”.

Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson is the Technical Art Director at Nordeus where he leads a team called Techshop. He is responsible for bridging Art and Engineering by using technology to overcome the challenges encountered by artists and other creatives. With over 12 years of experience working in the gaming industry, Matt has worked on the likes of Elder Scrolls Online, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. While attending college, Matt noticed his peers struggling with repetitive, non-creative tasks. In automating some of these tasks, Matt found his true passion was not in creating content himself, but helping others do it more effectively.

Simon Devereux

As Group Head of Learning & Development for award winning content creation studio The Mill, Simon oversees a global training curriculum for studios in London, New York, LA and Chicago. With over 13 years creative industry experience having previously worked as part of talent and learning teams in commercial radio, television and visual effects Simon dedicates his time to both his L&D role at The Mill and as the founder and director of creative industry inclusion movement ACCESS: VFX. The ACCESS: VFX collective has a current UK-wide and global membership of 40 award-winning visual effects, animation and games studios, and 10 industry and educational institutions.

Jovan Todorovic

Jovan was born in Serbia, grew up in California and Kansas, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He works as a film director on personal projects, music videos and commercials, represented by various global production houses. Jovan is also part of a musical duo and manages two production houses between Serbia and the US. As a film director he is drawn to storytelling as a means to use heightened visual, auditory and textural experiences to explore the human experience and promote connectivity through empathy. Jovan’s work recognizes the extraordinary in the ordinary, broadening our ideas of beauty and our understanding of what it means to be human.

Igor Jovanovic

Igor Jovanovic is a FX supervisor at Framestore. While studying electrical engineering in his home town of Belgrade, Serbia, Igor soon discovered the world of visual effects and the rest is history. Prior to working on feature films, he spent 5 years working on commercials as a CG Generalist and later focused on fluid dynamics with a strong emphasis on water effects. His past 8 years of working in film includes contributing to projects such as Spider-Man: Far from home, Alita: Battle Angel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Academy Award winning The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and Maleficent, to name a few.