Marko Brkovic

After high school, Marko finished a course at Chiron that got him started in 3D animation. 6 years of freelance later, he landed at 3lateral as a technical modeler. Working through the pipeline, slowly learning, he finally got a chance to get back to animation when they started creating 4D performances. Now he’s the lead technical animator at their studio, working on exciting projects, using the cool new tech RnD develops and playing with the awesome rigs their team creates.

Cassandra Bakic

The keeper of the herd, Cassandra spends her days making sure that the creative fires are lit and delivery dates honored. Psychology student turned VFX producer, she combines her passion for the human condition with her love for movies to help artists she supervises uncover and realize their full potential, professional or otherwise.

Gavrilo Popovic

Gavrilo has gained experience in regular software industry for several years and he is relatively young Project Coordinator in gaming industry. He says that when you find what you truly love, it’s like you were there your whole life. So far in Ubisoft, his energy has been focused on managing teams on two different projects that Belgrade studio has privilege to work on – Ghost Recon Breakpoint and The Crew 2. He has currently switched to an unannounced project that is even more existing.

Vanja Vikalo

Vanja Vikalo LINNCH is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Belgrade. Calling himself primarily an illustrator and an animator, Linnch creates characters and settings with surprising internal logic, playing with different visual forms. A unique entirety of his expression comes through each project he’s working on, both personal and commercial. Clients include UNICEF, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Vice, Tuborg, Vip Mobile and many more. Linnch’s work doesn’t stray from commentary and activism, they’re bold and they have a commanding presence, usually communicating with the audience through humor and skepticism. Talk will be revolving around career defining projects and stories behind them, but also his path from illustrator and muralist to animator/animation director.

Adriana Tanaskovic

After graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Adriana got an MA degree in Documentary film. This marked the beginning of her career in creative industries where she worked on film and TV projects, theater and film festivals. She also got a chance to be engaged in Public Administration through the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information. Along with her activity in the practical domain, she expresses a strong interest in research and theoretical work related to the field of cultural studies and creative entrepreneurship, copyrights and the digitization of cultural heritage.
Her career in gaming started 5 years ago when she intuitively ended up in the most complex interdisciplinary field she could ever have imagined. She entered the industry handling business and marketing side of Mad Head Games independent projects. 2 years later she got back to her primary occupation by becoming the company’s Creative Content Manager and Producer working on various mediums – videos, game trailers, print, digital and live performances of different kinds. Self-taught in many ways.

Mirko Stojkovic

Mirko Stojkovic is Head of Dramaturgy Department and founder of the Interactive Arts Laboratory at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, with years of professional experience as copywriter, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and game designer. A member of Serbian Screenwriter Association, SRN (Screenwriting research network) and IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts).

Pavle Dinulovic

Pavle Dinulovic studied sound recording and design at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He works as a sound designer and music composer in the fields of video games, film, radio, and various forms of sound design in live space. He was awarded the Gold Medal PQ 2015 for Provoking a Dialogue and co-authored the winning experience titled “Stroganj” at the first hyper-reality hackathon in the world. He has won the “Neda Depolo” prize for a creative contribution to radiophonic expression, awarded by Radio Belgrade 2, two years in a row (2013 and 2014). He works as an Assistant Professor at the FDA.

Shane Berry

Shane is an electronic music composer and sound designer creating audio content for short films and games. His commercial audio work appears on campaigns for multinational firms such as Red Bull, SuperCell, Riot, and many more. Shane is an accomplished recording artist with music released on labels such as Trapez, Ministry of Sound, Kompakt, Sinewave NYC, and he has more than a decade of live performance experience on the underground techno scenes in Tokyo and Belgrade. Shane is currently based in Belgrade, Serbia as Freelance Audio Director for the award-winning Demagog Studio.

Branislav Pavlovic

3D artist based in Sabac. I started my career in mobile gaming industry. Few years ago, I joined in Ubisoft Belgrade as Level/Environment Artist. Worked on several AAA titles such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint and some unanaunced project. My passion is creating assets for video games especially weapons. I was lucky enough to work on that position and I have been hooked since than. Also I am learning photogrammetry and continuously willing to fill my knowledge with latest and greatest stuff that are incoming.