Enter a Competition to Win a Comprehensive VFX Course

Belgrade HUG 3.0 Competition

Eager to learn new tricks in Houdini and other 3D or VFX software? Show us what you got and our friends from RebelWay and Crater Training Center will reward your efforts BIG TIME.

Following are the competition details.

Cycle of Matter

Using Houdini or any other 3D tool, the contest participants are expected to create a loopable video on the movement (i.e., circulation) of one or more natural elements: Wind/Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. How you’re going to conceptualize and interpret the theme is up to you – there are no limitations in this regard.

VIDEO LENGTH: Anywhere between 5 to 30 seconds

SAVE AS: HD (1080p) .mp4


HOW THIS WORKS: When you finish the project, send it out by filling out the form below. Soon after November 20, the Houdini Dream Team (a.k.a. The jury) will assemble to discuss TWO possible winners, and best works will be publicly announced on November 24, 2023.


Houdini Dream Team consists of the crowd-favorite VFX speakers in Serbia – Nikola Damjanov, Igor Žanić, Doca Mladenović and Bogdan Amidžić.


As a matter of fact, we have TWO of them, which means we will announce TWO winners.

WINNER #1 gets the free online course of choice at RebelWay.

Courses at RebelWay

WINNER #2 gets the free VFX in Houdini in-person course at Crater Training Center that kicks off on November 30, 2023 in Belgrade.

Houdini at Crater


We wish you the best of luck!