Miljana Jovović

Miljana graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, but her passion for creative processes naturally led her to the animation and visual effects industry. With her 10-year long experience in this field, Miljana helped establish the biggest computer graphics school in the region having 200 students enroll in the VFX and Gaming courses per year. She is the co-founder of CGA Belgrade conference with the mission of bringing the international and Serbian VFX and Gaming industries together for education and collaboration.

Harvey Parker

Harvey Parker is a dedicated, creative and passionate Art Director with a background in traditional art skills, with an eye for detail and emerging visual trends. Previously an illustrator, represented in London, New York and Tokyo, Harvey’s specialty is to bring a highly creative, trend-sensitive, surgical analysis to any brief. As an Art Director in the games industry he has travelled the globe covering top-tier motorsport, affording him a first-hand understanding as a fan, observer and contributor. Titles he worked on as an Art Director include Spellsouls, Top Eleven, MotoGP, Rally Fusion: Race of Champions, ATV Off-road Fury 3, Pure, Split/Second, F1 Race Stars, DiRT Rally and CSR2.

Dusan Kovic

Dušan Ković is a CG Artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia, where he graduated on Faculty of Technical Sciences in the department of Graphic engineering and design. He started his career in gaming industry, but passion for photo-realistic computer graphics led him to VFX and film. Through dedication he gained broad knowledge in multiple areas of computer graphics, but his main focus is on photo-realistic texture painting, shading, lighting and rendering. On multiple occasions his work was awarded and acknowledged by CG community, and in 2016. he was included in 3D Artist Magazine list of 100 of the most influential and talented artists in the world.
Currently, he is working for Autodesk as Texture Painter/Lookdev Artist and Arnold/Maya beta tester and Crater VFX Training Center as Course instructor on Digital Lighting, Shading and Rendering course.

Frederic Servant

Frederic is the Arnold Software Development Manager and is based in London, where he looks over the Arnold core and plugins teams scattered around the globe. He was previously the main developer of the Arnold integration in Houdini. Prior to working on Arnold, Frederic worked as an R&D Engineer at The Mill in London and La Maison in Paris.

Szabolcs Horvátth

Szabolcs background is in feature film VFX, commercials and high end game cinematics. He joined Digic Pictures in 2004 where he holds the position of Lead Technical Director. Over the years he has worked in lots of different areas: character and effect setups, hair modelling and simulation, writing and designing shaders, plugins and pipeline tools. He has worked on high profile shows over the years including: Assassin’s Creed 2 and Revelations, Mass Effect 3, Halo 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, The Witcher Szabolcs also leads and participates in the development of CG and pipeline tools used in the studio.

Nikola Milosevic

Nikola is Principal PD/PO based in Toronto, working with multiple teams and projects in Autodesk. He is responsible for Maya Color Management, Hypershade, Render Setup, directly working with Arnold Team and designing Maya future workflows like MaterialX – LookDevX and Procedural world building . He was previously working on various position with smaller and large studios as Sony Imageworks and Framestore.

Yavor Stoikov

Yavor joined Chaos Group in 2010. With a background in architecture, he started as a 3D Artist and became one of the driving forces behind the V-Ray Training Program. Since then, he has traveled around the globe as a CG Specialist to meet with artists and studios in the AEC and M&E industries, helping users to optimize their workflow using V-Ray.

Mikhail Lesin

Mikhail Lesin began his career as a 3D generalist in an advertising agency in 2000, and a few years later he became fascinated by the world of visual effects in motion pictures. In 2006 he became a co-founder and chief technical officer of Main Road Post studio, based in Moscow, Russia. Mikhail determines pipeline process and technologies in the studio. He is constantly on the brink of state of the art technologies, and eager to find the way to produce better images and cut down the process. Sometimes Mikhail loves to catch a break and make some cool stuff as a lighting/fx artist. With years Main Road Post transformed into the most known Russian studio in the world working on the large-scale projects in the Russian film market.

Richi Paramo

Richi is one of the Creative Specialist with long experience in the VFX and postproduction industry. Now inside The Foundry he is currently in the development team of VR future technology.