September 17th, 2022

Welcome to the CGA 2022 Divine Virtual Experience

Join in for a treat! Right here on our website, September 23, 3 PM sharp.

CGA Belgrade 2022 kicks-off with an exquisite online event scheduled for September 23, 3 PM sharp!

The event will premiere stunning digital environments created at Virtual Environments Lab, the CGA’s very first summer program aimed at students and enter-level artists. The environments were created in Unreal Engine 5 over two months at Crater Training Center with dedicated guidance and support from industry experts.

We filmed the entire ordeal in front of the green screen in the studio of our dear collaborators from Atomic Visual Support, while the magnificent Dane Blačić, CGA’s Technical Director, ensured the smooth experience.

Program includes:

🔹 Opening Ceremony: Founders Talk
Miljana Jovović, Crater Training Center
Milica Božanić, Serbia Film Commission

🔹 Virtual Environments Lab Video Premiere

🔹 StreetOshop: This Is Not How Things Are Done
by Nikola Silić, One Man Band

🔹 The Rookies – Start Building your Digital Career Today
Alwyn Hunt, The Rookies
Stephen Njoto, Weta FX

🔹 Creating a Place of Transformation
Ilija Brunck, Woodblock

🔹 A Demo of disguise XR and VP Workflows
by Milo Hancock, Disguise

🔹 Together in Motion
Connie Kennedy, Epic Games
Lara Cawsey, Epic Games

🔹 ANDY: A Hero’s Journey | Autodesk Vision Series
Jamy Wheless, Ignite Animation Studios
Petar Jovovic, Crater Studio

🔹 Transforming Gaming with Blockchain in the New Decade
by Linda Lee, Playstudios Inc.

Let’s conquer the virtual space together!

Complete Schedule

Virtual Environments Lab

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